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When should I hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

It is never too early to speak with a well-trained, experienced attorney about your situation. Workers’ compensation law can seem straightforward, but is rife with opportunities for even what seem like the simplest of cases to go astray. If you have any questions...

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How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim?

You must file your workers’ compensation claim within four years from when you become aware of the connection between your disability and your employment. But keep in mind that being disabled doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out of work. It merely means that you...

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How Does Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Work?

We don’t get paid unless you do. Period. You can meet us for a free consultation on your own terms, and then decide whether you want us in your corner. Once you hire us, we work on what we call a “contingency fee basis.” That means that we only get paid if you do. You...

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Will my workers’ compensation case go to trial?

A majority of cases settle before going to a trial (what the Department of Industrial Accidents calls a “hearing.”)  Sometimes a settlement is the best resolution when the insurance company is willing to pay a former employee what they deserve.  However, we know that...

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